• Heys xScale

    Heys xScale

    "The World's Smallest Portable Luggage Scale" Avoid overweight charges with this compact, but powerful, handheld weighting scale. The xScale® is a hand held 'auto-locking' digital scale that can weigh up to 110 Lbs ( 50 Kg) The xScale® is compact and ergonomically correct, as its unique 'T-bar' design fits the natural shape of your closed hand when picking up a heavy load. With the Blue Back-Lit LCD screen, the weight is easily read even in dimly lit hotel rooms. The xScale® comes with 2 CR2032 Batteries included and has a One Year Limited Warranty. Weight: 4oz / 113 g      Dimensions: 6"...

  • Austin House Manual Scale

    Austin House Manual Scale

    This luggage scale is battery-free and user-friendly. It has an easy to read dial, and a memory arm to indicate the last reading, while still being easy to re-set and comfortable to use. Weight is displayed in kilos or pounds. It also includes a 39”/1m retractable measuring tape, so you can always ensure your luggage is regulation size. Maximum weight capacity 34 kgs / 75 lbs.